Oldonyio-Onyokie Geothermal Company

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Specialists in the production of fast, affordable, and accessible green energy for the national good while addressing the needs of the local communities we serve.

  • The Area

Contribute to sustainable development by providing safe and reliable energy in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Conduct our operations and activities in accordance with applicable law related to environmental and social issues and ethical business practices.

Develop, share and promote implementation of sound practices and solutions with others in the industry, and engage with stakeholders in order to take into account their expectations, concerns, ideas and views, and work with government and nongovernment organizations.

Improve their performance in addressing environmental and social issues.

Community sensitization about the benefits of the company to the local communities

Oldonyio-Onyokie Geothermal Company Limited (OOGC) proposes to establish a geothermal plant within the general area of Mount Suswa in Kajiado County with possible expansion to Narok, and Nakuru Counties. The company’s main strategy is to enter into a steam purchase agreement with the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) where OOGC intends to bargain for a sustainable and affordable rate due to its approach to the investment. OOGC proposes to use an approach that is based on local community ownership of the license to purchase the steam and once granted the license, will solicit partnership with potential local and international partners to establish the project.

  • Mount Suswa ( Oldonyio Onyokie) and the surrounding area is the location of our company.